Choice Places is the brand name for the factoring service of Atrium Initiatives, formed in 2005.  Its parent company is Atrium Homes, a ‘not for profit’ company, and it’s part of the Atrium Group which has been providing successful factoring services in excess of 16 years.

Choice Places currently carries out residential management services to the owners of around 2,200 properties in estates and flatted blocks, in and around East Ayrshire.  We provide a quality service, for the maintenance of hard and soft landscaped areas and communal outdoor spaces, which includes dealing with all aspects of common repairs.

We are fully committed to our customers and aim to provide them with a proactive and interactive service at all times.  We offer best value for money as well as honest, open communication.

Atrium Initiatives is registered as a Property Factor by Scottish Government Ministers under the Property Factors (Scotland) Act 2011.  Our Property Factors registration number is PF000189. Further information regarding the Property Factors Register can be found here.