For our customers

Welcome to Choice Places. We are the Factor for your estate or block appointed by majority vote of owners within your area.

As your Factor, we will manage the open spaces and common areas within your estate or block which are either not maintained by the local authority or not your own responsibility. In doing this we act as an agent on behalf of all residents within the appointed area.

As a property owner within a factored estate or block, you will be bound to meet a proportionate share of the cost of common repair costs. The extent of your obligations may vary depending on where you live and the details of the title deeds or deed of conditions affecting your property. In the mixed tenure areas managed by Choice Places (i.e where there is a mix of privately owned and Atrium Homes properties) and for wholly owned private estates, the general obligation for all properties is to contribute towards the maintenance, repair and, where necessary, the renewal of any common area which is not-adopted for public maintenance by the local council. If you live in a flat within one of these areas, you’ll also have to meet a share of the maintenance, repair and renewal costs of common areas in the close.

For more details or further information regarding your legal obligations, please refer to the Title documents relating to your individual property or consult with your solicitor.