Inspections and walkarounds

Choice Places carry out regular routine inspections, at least once per month.


Throughout the growing season, we carry out 3 open walkrounds of our estates to which we invite the local homeowners. These inspections are attended by Choice Places staff and our hard and soft landscaping contractors. There will also be a representative from Atrium Homes present and representatives from East Ayrshire Council and local community council members are invited to join us. The purpose of these walkabouts is to identify any issues, present or hear ideas, create a future plan for works, check work has been carried out to the correct standard and solve any immediate issues.


The timing of these walkrounds coincides with the beginning, middle and end of the growing season. This way, problems can be identified and resolved throughout the year. The walkrounds are scheduled well in advance and promoted via our website, Facebook page and our annual invoicing communication. We look to upload copies of the estate inspections to our website.


Having all the key people present at the walkabouts means that if an issue is raised, the appropriate person can take ownership of it and deal with it quickly and effectively, without the need for a lengthy reporting system. It also often results in added value gestures from contractors (as seen below).


During a routine walkround on one estate last autumn, local residents commented they were keen to add some spring colour by planting bulbs. This was not ‘essential works’. However, the presence of the soft landscaping contractor led to an immediate decision being taken to plant the bulbs free of charge. Small gestures like this occur across all the estates and happen as a direct result of the personal service from our open estate inspections.

You can download the Estate inspections calendar 2020 here.